Al Digital Lake Studio potete usufruire di una vastissima scelta di strumenti musicali.

Su richiesta è anche possibile noleggiare una backline strumenti al di fuori dello studio.



Gibson Custom Shop ES 335 VOS Historic '61
Gibson 1974 ES 175D 
Gibson 1982 Les Paul Custom
Gibson 1993 Gospel acoustic
Music Man Luke + Floyd Rose

Music Man Stingray  5 Ball Family Reserve rosewood neck
Suhr Custom Classic Strat HSS brazilian rosewood

Martin OMC Aura

Martin HD28

Taylor 814 ce
Alhambra 10C 
PRS Paul Reed Smith custom 22 Ten Top-Tremolo 
Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Signature

Fender American Vintage '62 stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster custom HSS mapleneck Lollar Imperial VanZandt pickups
Fender Squier 1978 Precision Bass
Gretsch 5122DC custom TV Jones Classic Pickups

Charvel Jackson 1988 model 6 Kahler+EMG equipped
Alec B hand made Stratocaster Van Zandt pickups
Alec B hand made Telecaster Van Zandt pickups
Alec B hand made Nuphunk model
Ibanez 12 strings acoustic guitar
Ibanez NW 310 acoustic
Godin Multiac Encore nylon strings
Yamaha nylon guitar
Tanglewood Dobro Resophonic guitar
Sigma Martin D18 '70 dreadnought guitar
Epiphone M250 Tenor banjo 
Fender Mino Aka Koa Ukulele
Recording King custom Lap Steel


SOLDANO Slo 100 head

GRAAL by D'Angelo OVERDRIVE SPECIAL dumble 100w + 1x12" and 2x12" cabinet

VOX AC30 handwired 50th anniversary Alnico Blue Speakers
FENDER De Luxe Reverb 65 Reissue with Alnico Jensen Speaker
FENDER hot rod De Ville 212
FENDER Twin Reverb '65 
MARSHALL TSL 100 Jcm 2000 Head
MARSHALL 1965 4X12 greenback 100w cab

MARSHALL 1960 4X12 jcm900 300w cab
Mad Kat Plexy Head
ROLAND Jazz Chorus 85
ACOUSTIC G60-112 USA vintage amp
 GALLIEN &KRUEGER rb700-II + 4x10" rbx cabinet Bass amp
Guitar Pedals and FX:

JTrad Archer

Xotic SP Compressor

Diamond opto compressor

RockBox Boiling Point boutique overdrive

Wampler Pinnacle distortion new!
Fulltone '69 mKII NEW!,Plim Soul, OCD, FD2 custom shop mosfet edition, GT500, Clyde Deluxe Wah, Supatrem
Custom Hand Made boutique overdrive, lovecot, booster
Pigtronics Disnortion (od+fuzz+octavia)
MJM Brit Bender germanium fuzz
1976 Ibanez Maxon Overdrive, Stereo Box autopan-tremolo, session man
Robert Keeley - Ibanez TS 808 mod plus
Strymon Time Line digital delay NEW!
Malekko Ekko 616 analog delay NEW!
Arion Stereo Chorus NEW!
MOOER Trelicopter Tremolo
1984 BOSS CE2
1970 MXR Phase 90, M116 flanger, Blue Box, Dyna Comp, Graphic Eq
1980 TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger, Phase VII, Nova System floorboard,Mini Polytune
ELECTRO HARMONIX holy grail reverb
DUNLOP Tremolo, Uni Vibe
ERNIE BALL volume pedal
PETERSON strobo tuner
BOSS TU2 and TU12H tuners
E Bow
Esoteric Cables from George Ls, Monster Cable, Vovox ,Klotz


YAMAHA C3 Baby grand Piano
Rhodes 73 MarkII
Vintage Hohner Concerto III Accordion

Midi Instruments

Rhodes 73 MarkII
Roland RD700sx Digital Piano
Korg Wavestation EX 61 Key Synth

Behringer   Model D Mini Moog

Garritan Personal Orchestra and Jazz Big Band libraries
Access TDM Virus
 64 bit Cubase 8.5 Sampling Workstation PC Based with RME Hammerfall Digital audio card + VST Instruments
M-Audio USB Keyboard and Pad
AKAI S1100 Digital Sampler
Kurzweil K2500R
Roland JV1080 expander Full Loaded with:
60'/70' expansion
Vintage keys expansion
Bass & Drums expansion
EMU Orbit v3

Native Instruments KONTAKT 13 Ultimate Collector Choice + Kontroller 49+ Maschine

East West Hollywood Orchestra 1tb samples

Toontracks Superior Drummer 3 (230gb drum samples up to 11.1 surround)

Arturia collection

On request:

Hammond C3 with Leslie
Professional "Boutique" Drum Set

Percussion Instruments

DW Collector Serie  BD22" ,Snare 14x4.5", Toms 10" - 12" - 14" - 16"

SONOR drumset  force 3700  BD 22"  Toms 10" - 12" - 14" - 16"  Sonor woodsnare 6"
MAPEX signature Giorgio Di Tullio model Snare Drum    

LUDWIG Supraphonic SNARE 5x14 Vintage

YAMAHA Piccolo Snare  Brass 14"X 3.5"

TAMA silverstar JAZZ 18"bd 12" tom 14" floor
MURAT DIRIL handmade cymbals set 14"HH 10"splash 16"- 18" crashes 20" ride
Congas, Shakers, Tambourines, Cajon, WindChimes, Triangles, Woodblock, Claves, Maracas, Castanets